Marvel Tsum Tsum Wiki presents the Beginner's Guide for Marvel Tsum Tsum mobile game.[1]

Basics Edit

Before the game, the player has to select a team of Tsums that consists of one primary, or Leader, Tsum, and two secondary Tsums. Leader Tsum is the one that defines which Tsum specific active moves (Skills) the player will be able to use, while the secondary ones provide passive bonuses and abilities.

Team Select numbers
The team selection menu invoked by pressing the TsumTsum button at the bottom of the screen:
  1. Leader Tsum;
  2. Secondary Tsums;
  3. The team's stats (which are a combination of stats of all the Tsums on the team);
  4. Your Tsum collection.

Tsums you don't have yet are only shown as silhouettes.

To compose a team for a Stage or a Battle, drag your Tsum Tsums from the collection to appropriate places in the team. Press Stage or Battle button when ready.

The game field is a circular shape filled with different Tsums. The player removes Tsums by connecting 3 or more of the same type into Chains. New Tsums drop down from the top instead of the removed ones. Chains of 7 or more Tsums usually cause a Bomb to appear. Tapping on it will "blow up" the adjacent Tsum Tsums. Under certain conditions large Tsums, or L Tsums for short, will appear. They still have to be connected with at least two other Tsums, but they count as 5 Tsums for Chain length.

When enough Leader Tsums are removed, the player is able to use one of the two specific moves of the Leader character: Skill or Special. Depending on the Leader Tsum, those can do a variety of things including simply removing Tsums, rearranging Tsums for easier Chains, upgrading what Chains do, creating Bombs or L Tsums, changing some Tsums into other types permanently or temporarily etc.

The Marvel Tsum Tsum Game has two game modes:

  • Stage: the player must clear as many Tsums as possible in order to gain points.
  • Battle/Co-Op: the player or players must defeat an enemy Tsum before the opponent defeats them.

Stage mode Edit

In Stage mode the player plays against time. There are usually 5 types of Tsum Tsum in the field in this mode. The amount of points you get per Tsum is determined by the Score stat. The goal is to gather as much points as you can, though most Stage missions have additional goals that have to be satisfied to count.

Stage mode numbers
The game field in Stage mode.
  1. Remaining time;
  2. The Stage goals. The uppermost bar is the number of Points, then the Star bar (you will get Stars as it fills up), then the mission goal and how much of it is completed (if you fail to achieve the goal, you'll fail the mission regardless of your Points), and then the number of Coins collected during the game;
  3. Your Skill and Special (SP) buttons. They have small bars around them that fill up when you pop Leader Tsum Tsums. When one of the bars is fully filled, you can cast the skill by tapping on the button;
  4. Pause button. Press it when you need to take a break in the middle of the mission, press resume to continue;
  5. Mega charge bar. Fills up when popping Tsums, starts Mega Charge when full.
  6. Board tilt button. Tap repeatedly to shake the game field, hopefully rearranging the Tsums into a more opportune configuration.

There are three levels of perfection for beating a Stage mission:

  • A single star Gold-1star

— for simply satisfying the mission's goals.

  • Two stars Gold-2stars

— for satisfying the mission's goals as well as the goal it defines as the two-star condition (usually exceeding a certain number of Points)

  • Three stars Gold-3stars

— for satisfying the mission's goals as well as the goal it defines as the perfect three-star condition (usually exceeding a certain number of Points)

The Stars Gold-star are an important resource, because collecting a certain number of Stars unlocks extra (EX) missions on various Stages. Also, you get yellow ISO-8 crystals every time you get a new Star you hadn't had previously.

EX missions have the same base mechanics as normal ones, except you get silver Stars Silver-star instead of gold ones. For each silver Star you get white ISO-8 crystals.

Finally, it is important to note, that every Stage has at least some missions that include defeating an opponent. Those are played in Battle mode.

Stages Edit


One of the Stage "planets"

The different stages within the game will be familiar to Marvel fans as they are locations from both the comics and MCU. They look like planets hanging on strings from the top of the screen. Each stage has a certain number of missions that must be completed before the user can advance to the next Stage.[2] Most stages have additional extra (EX) missions as well.

As of April 2017, the following Stages exist in the game:

New Stages may be added in the future.

Battle mode Edit

List of Battles Edit

Characters Edit

You can gain new characters by:

  • Buying Orb or Coin boxes
  • Defeating villains in Battles
  • Participating in Special events
For more information see: Characters

Stats Edit

Stat Information
Level Increases as your Tsum gains experience or can be instantly increased by using Boosters. Leveling up a Tsum increases each of its stats by a certain amount, constant for this Tsum.
Score Determines the amount of points you get per each separate Tsum of this type when playing Stages and Challenges.
HP Determines how much damage a character can sustain before being knocked down in Battle.
ATK Determines how much damage your character inflicts in Battle.
DEF Reduces the amount of damage your character takes in Battle.
Luck Improves your chance to earn rewards after a Battle. Using a Leader Tsum with Luck of 99 guarantees two additional reward slots for you (and your partner, if you're playing co-op).
For more information see: Character list with stats


Be aware of the Energy counter at the top of the screen. These lightning bolts are Energy and are needed in order to play the game. Users will gain 1 energy every ten minutes and can also get more by completing tasks or leveling up; also, friends can send you Energy every 8 hours. The Energy counter can accumulate a maximum of 1,004 lightning bolts and the mail box can hold a maximum of 100.


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