Bombs are special items that spawn during gameplay on a field with the Tsums. Tapping on them will explode them clear the surrounding Tsums. In Battle mode exploding a Bomb next to an enemy will cause significantly more damage than just the Tsums that got cleared would.

Creating Bombs Edit

Bombs are usually spawned whenever the player creates Chains of length 7 or more, or uses a Skill/Special that makes a Burst of 7 Tsums or more. Much longer Chains or Bursts have chance of spawning special types of Bombs (Time Bombs or Coin Bombs in Stage mode; Stun Bombs, Critical Bombs or Health Bombs in Battle mode). Skills that clear Tsums in an AoE usually also spawn Bombs as long as they clear more than 7.

Skills of some Characters also create Bombs — Crossbones' skill creates just regular Bombs, while skills of Punisher, Doctor Strange, Black Widow and Scream create Bombs of special types. There's also a type of Ability that spawns bombs with some probability — Characters that have it include War Machine and Howard the Duck.

Using Bombs Edit

Bombs are an important gameplay mechanic, as they remove surrounding Tsums indiscriminately and independently of their type. As such, they are useful for getting rid of odd Tsums that block the player from making longer Chains.

In Battle mode Bombs are especially helpful for quickly getting rid of BurnBurning, SwirlWinded or DisableDisabled Tsums (be advised, however, that if you explode PoisonPoisoned Tsums, you will still take damage). They help deal a lot of damage to the boss or to quickly get rid of their minions in battle. Exploding a lot of Bombs allows to enter Rush/Mega Charge when it is urgently needed. Bombs are one of the few ways to hit the capsules in Daily Challenge, the only alternative being AoE Skills and Specials. Finally, some Stage missions flat out require to explode a certain number of bombs to pass.

Types of Bombs Edit

Regular Bomb clears surrounding Tsums

Puzzle mode Bombs Edit

Coin Bomb player gets 10 extra coins
Time Bomb 2 seconds are added to game time.

Battle mode Bombs Edit

Stun Bomb stuns the opponent for a few seconds and prevents them from moving or taking any action
Health Bomb apart from dealing damage, heals the player for 100 HP
Critical Bomb deals significantly more damage than a regular bomb

Character special Bombs Edit

Chemistro bombs

Game field with Chemistro's Mini Bombs as well as two regular Bombs

CrossbonesCrossbones (skill)
Sticky Bomb spawns a number of Regular Bombs.
White FoxWhite Fox (special)
Tracking Sense spawns a number of Regular Bombs.
DaggerDagger (skill+special)
Healing Light spawns a number of Regular Bombs; in Battle mode, some of them might be Health Bombs.
Light Dance, in Battle mode, turns the Bombs in the area of effect into Health Bombs.
Black WidowBlack Widow (skill)
Widow's Blast spawns Line Bombs that remove Tsums in a straight line rather than around them.
Star-LordStar-Lord (skill)
Gravity Grenade spawns Magnet Bombs that attract one type of nearby Tsums to the center after exploding. In Battle mode, they also attract the Boss.
Doctor StrangeDoctor Strange (skill)
Mystic Magic spawns movable Mystic Bombs that can be dragged before exploding. In Battle mode, they can be sent to a partner with a quick enough swipe, but they will arrive to the other screen as Regular Bombs.
PunisherPunisher (skill)
Expert Bomb spawns extra damaging Expert Bombs.
ChemistroChemistro (special)
Alchemy Time temporarily allows the player to replace Tsums in 3+ Chains with Mini Bombs. Those bombs look like regular ones, but are smaller and subject to chain reactions: explosion next to one of them leads to the whole chain exploding and clearing adjacent Tsums. In Battle mode, they deal roughly half the damage of a Regular Bomb to the Boss.
ScreamScream (skill)
Symbiote Bomb creates one large Symbiote Bomb. It deals increased damage and spawns a Large Scream Tsum after detonation.
It is actually not a true Bomb: it cannot be sent to a partner's screen in co-op, and cannot be consumed by the Bosses or Black Holes in Battle mode.

List of Bomb-spawning Characters Edit