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After a life-changing explosion, Carol Danvers received super-human powers and took on the Captain Marvel mantle. Carol lives up to the legacy the title has bestowed upon her and continues to protect the Earth from all that threatens it.

Skill Edit

Blast Beam: Clear a diagonal line of Tsum Tsum with the Energy Blast unleashed from her fist!

Level Effect Cost to upgrade
1 Range: SS --
2 Range: S ISO-yellowx20 Coinx2,000
3 Range: M
4 Range: L
5 Range: LL
6 Range: XLL

Special Edit

Blast Punch: Tap and clear away Tsum Tsum by hammering down her Energy Blast! Tap multiple times!

Level Effect Cost to upgrade
1 Range: S Taps: 3
2 Range: M Taps: 3 ISO-whitex3 ISO-redx2 Coinx3,500
3 Range: M Taps: 4
4 Range: L Taps: 4

Ability Edit

ATK UP [Combo]: Briefly boost ATK (triggers randomly with every 20 combo)

Level Effect Cost to upgrade
1 Chance: 20% --
2 Chance: 25%
3 Chance: 30%
4 Chance: 35% ISO-whitex3 ISO-pinkx70 ISO-violetx10 Coinx10,000
5 Chance: 40%

Gameplay video Edit

Captain Marvel Skills Intro MARVEL Tsum Tsum

Captain Marvel Skills Intro MARVEL Tsum Tsum

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  • Blast Beam
    • Energy Blast that clears diagonal line of Tsum Tsums
  • Blast Punch
    • Tap and clear Tsum Tsums by using Energy Blast.


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