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Marvel Tsum Tsum Wiki is an encyclopedia and community portal on everything there is to know about the popular mobile game Marvel Tsum Tsum. Anybody can create, view or edit an article on this page, so we can work together to create an accurate database for fans of the Tsum Tsum superheroes!

Currently housing 225 articles and 575 pictures.

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Stats-icon Character list with stats Here you can compare Tsums based on their stats (Score, HP, ATK, DEF) and abilities. There is a sortable table for easier comparison!
Friends-icon Friends Basics on how to find friends and make the most of co-op gaming.
Battles-icon Battles Battle schedule, list of battles, and general tips.
Mailbox-icon Mailbox Mostly popular due to instructions on how to open boxes automatically :)


  • MARVEL Tsum Tsum International version will be closing at 31st of October 2017. [1]

There will be no more updates. We decided to leave this wiki for historical purposes, but there's no more sense updating it.

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What is Marvel Tsum Tsum? It is a puzzle game for mobile platforms developed by XFLAG and published by mixi. Marvel Tsum Tsum is similar to Disney Tsum Tsum which is, in turn, based on a series of collectible plush toys representing various cartoon characters. Marvel Tsum Tsum features Tsums based on characters from the Marvel multiverse. For more information about basic mechanics and play modes, see Beginner's Guide.




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