Powerups can be used in Stage and Battle Modes to facilitate or speed up achieving the goal. They can be bought for Coins or Tickets at the beginning of each game.

List of Powerups Edit

Mode Powerup Name Usage
Puzzle mode only Powerup-Score Score increases score by 10%
Powerup-Time Time adds 5 seconds to the game
Powerup-5-4 5→4 makes chaining easier by only having 4 types of Tsums on the field instead of 5
Battle mode only Powerup-HP HP increases the team HP for the Battle by 10%
Powerup-Delay Delay slows down the movement and attacks of the Battle Boss
Puzzle mode / Battle mode Powerup-Large Large increases Large Tsum appearance
Powerup-Bomb Bomb making a bomb takes a Chain of 6 Tsums, not 7

Usage Edit


Stage mission with the Time Powerup selected

To use a Powerup, you need to select it right before starting a Stage Mission or Battle. The selected Powerup turns red. The ticket or the necessary amount of coins is immediately deduced after you select a powerup. If you unselect it before starting the game, the amount is returned.

Caution! If you have selected a powerup for one game, it will also automatically be selected for the next one. Uncheck selected Powerups after the game to avoid unnecessary spending!